Guests activities between ceremony and reception.

Sometimes it happened free time between the wedding ceremony and reception.

Many couples would like to have more long photo shooting. What to do and how to entertain guests?!
We can help 🙂

Below you will find a few ideas:
The first and most favorite is to organize a tour of one of the wineries on the island of Santorini. Such a tour with a story about the winery, wine production, and wine tasting will take approximately one and a half hours.  Then we bring our guests to the restaurant. There will be a welcome cocktail and entertainment due to the entries in the wish book, photos on the Polaroid, and a sweet table. That is, all together it will take from two and a half to three hours. It is enough for the newlyweds to have time to take pictures in a place they like.

The second is a walk around the island, many guests only come for a few days and there is no time at all for sightseeing, if you know that most of your guests will fly home the day after the wedding or the day after, we offer to help them experience all the beauty of the island accompanied by a professional guide. The optimal time for a tour from two or three different places on the island is 3-3.5 hours. But this kind of entertainment should be warned in advance so that ladies can bring comfortable shoes and all other money, cameras and so on.

The third idea. If you have only an hour or a half between the ceremony and dinner, you can have guests in a cafe with a beautiful view where they can sit and drink coffee.

We hope it will help you to make your wedding day better!
With love, Guests on the wedding
IndigoWeddings  team