Very often tourists wonder what to do in Santorini with children?!

If your children are used to traveling, that is, it means not being at the hotel for two weeks in a children’s club under supervision, but walking and looking around learning something new, then you can safely choose Santorini.

There are several beaches on the island that can be called children’s. They are sandy and with a convenient entrance and not deep. One such beach is located in Vlihada and the second in Monolitos.

At the moment, most playgrounds have been updated. On them, you will find children’s towns, swings, and slides.

There are several entertainment places for children with trampolines, slides, and videos:

“Atachtulides” is located on the road between Akrotiri and Emborio, it is difficult to drive by since there is a large figure of Sponge Bob.

“L’albero” is located in Perissa, slides, trampolines, delicious food.
“PlayLand” is located in Messaria – all children’s outdoor entertainment.

If your children are over 3-4 years old, then undoubtedly your children will like the story about Santorini and the volcanic eruption with effects in Lost Atlantis Experience

You can also take a kid from 5 years old to the Koutsoyannopoulos wine museum , which is not for a wine tasting of course, but to the museum, which is located underground and equipped with various installations about winemaking on the is

land of Santorini.

On all beaches there are Water sports kiosks, you can rent a water catamaran or kayak and swim along the coast together with your kids. You are definitely will be supplied with life vests.

Diapers or instant milk, all this can be found in supermarkets on the island. Children’s ready-made food in jars is not a very large choice, but it is also quite enough.

We hope that our article will help parents who are going on vacation to Santorini with their children!