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Pascal and Tatiana GLAENZER

Dear Anastasia

Time has runned so fast…
Six months has runned already since our wedding in Santorini.
We will remember all our live this day of September 19th.
Thank you for your listening, for your availability, for your nice organization, for your presence with us the day of our wedding.
Thank you Anastasia for the way you have managed our ceremony on the Irini’s terrace to make this celebration an unforgettable moment.
The only one shadow this day was the photos taken by Olga and her husband.
Unfortunately we were disappointed with their work.
They did not understand that it was not the exceptional view that had to be highlighted first, but our couple in the center of their photos.
We worked on each of their photos and of course we lost a lot of time to correct some mistakes that could have been avoided.
On the contrary, we were very satisfied with the delicious wedding cake prepared by the pastry chef of the island and we ask you to congratulate him again from us the next time you see him.
We have planned to return to Santorini for our ten years of wedding.
We hope you will be there again to celebrate with us our wedding birthday, you and your husband we don’t know yet.
We will never forget what you did for us during our short stay.
We wish you the best for you and your family.
We recommend to those who want to marry in your island to do it with « Indigo tourism »
We enclose five photos of us that you can publish on your site but we don’t recommend Olga and her husband.
These are not good photographers.

Pascal and Tatiana GLAENZER



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